Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

What is a condominium?

Co-property information

Co-ownership is a way of organizing the ownership of a property.
In co-ownership, there are at least two owners. There can be many more.
The building or complex is divided into :

The co-ownership can concern as well :

Each co-owner is the owner of a lot, which consists of :

All the co-owners form the syndicate of co-owners, which is responsible for administering the common portions and maintaining the building.
In order to act, the syndicate of co-owners is represented by a syndic. The syndicate of co-owners takes its decisions in the assembly of co-owners. The syndic then takes care of the execution of the decisions.

Note: there are other ways to organize a building or a real estate complex: civil company, syndicate association... These other forms obey different rules than the co-ownership.